A: Thermal Imaging: Infrared images of hot spots in your electrical and mechanical s stems are excellent tools to pinpoint wllere a potential problem exists. By finding a problem before it becomes critical. the repair cost can be significanth; reduced with respect to the total replacement cost and damages. Another financial consideration is the cost of facilih down time.

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B: Surge Suppression: 80% of all problems from transient voltages come from inside your facility. New technology is susceptible to and causes transient voltages. Surges can come from the utilitS- compan~ and plants next to you. Surge suppression is imperative if the extended life of light bulbs, computers, P.L,C. boards. electric motors. and many other parts in your facility are important to you!

C: Lightning Protection: The abilihy to control where the energy of a Lightning strike is dissipated will greatly enhance the ability of your facilits- to be on line and make production. With newly patented technology this is now possible. Coupled with surge suppression this will help your facility meet ever increasing production requirements.